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Frequently Asked Questions

Southern Welcome Department

What are the benefits of attending Southern Welcome?

Southern Welcome is designed as a one-stop program. All the resources and departments you need will be housed in one building. This allows you to save time and get all of your needs met in one afternoon. A reservation is required to ensure that we have an adequate number of faculty advisers to assist all students who attend the program.


What can I accomplish at Southern Welcome?

  • Speak with a Financial Aid Counselor
  • Obtain Student ID and parking permit
  • Tour campus
  • Access your student e-mail account
  • Obtain Student ID and parking permit
  • Tour residence life facilities
  • Find out about deadlines on tuition and fees
  • Enroll with faculty advisers

Should my family attend?

We encourage you to bring your family to Southern Welcome. We have a special program planned for families which runs concurrently with the student program. Families and guests will have an opportunity to:


Is there a fee for attending Southern Welcome?

There is no charge for attending Southern Welcome.


Is there a fee for my family/guests?

There is no charge for family/guests to attend Southern Welcome.


Will lunch be provided?

Lunch will not be provided. However, the Lion's Den is available at your convenience on the 2nd floor of Billinglsy. It has a full grill with both hot and cold entrees.


Where should I park?

Parking is available in front of Billingsly Student Center, just off of Newman Rd. Look for the Southern Welcome signs. Map of MSSU.


Why do I have to bring my immunization records and completed medical history form to the Willcoxon Health Center?

All students are required to provide the Willcoxon Health Center with a  medical history form,  proof of two doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine or an immune blood test called a "titer".   If you are living in campus housing, you cannot  move in until you provide proof of a current Meningitis vaccine (MCV4 at age 16 or older.)  Download the medical history form and view detailed requirements at :  Bring or mail the completed medical history form and a copy of immunization records to MSSU -Willcoxon Health Center, 3950 East Newman Road, Joplin, MO 64801.  Once enrolled, students are required to complete an online Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment on LioNet which will determine if you need a TB test or to submit documentation.  **All immunization requirements must be met before the students are permitted to attend classes.  If you would like to review your record with the Health Center and/or discuss vaccinations, you can reach them at Willcoxon Health Center, Billingsly Student Center, Room 242 or call 417-625-9323.


Will I need to take Placement Exams?

It depends!

Where can I find information about textbooks for my classes?

MSSU operates a $12 per credit textbook rental program for most of its courses. Some courses may requre you to purchase textbooks. After enrolling, your booklist will show up on your Lionet account. The booklist will specify the required textbooks necessary for the classes enrolled. Rental textbooks may be picked up at Texbook Rental in the lower-level of Billinglsy Student Center (BSC). Purchase textbooks may be purchased from the bookstore on the 2nd level of (BSC). A textbook rental bill will post to a student's account within 48 hours after the books have been picked up. Rental textbooks must be returned at the end of the semester.


What do I need to do to get financial aid?

File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) today at  This is required for all federal, state, or institutional aid.  Apply now for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The priority deadline for 2018 is February 1st.   

If you filed your FAFSA, have you viewed your Financial Aid awards in LioNet?  Contact the Financial Aid office at or call 417-625-9325 or visit the Financial Aid office.   

If you are going to receive outside scholarships, have you turned in all outside scholarship documentation to the MSSU Scholarship office?  For more information, contact the Scholarship office at 417-625-3161.

MSSU Foudation Scholarship application deadline is March 1st.  Apply on the foundation scholarships page.

If you are eligible for the A+ Program, please complete the A+ Leadership Scholarship Application found at

If you are eligible for the MSSU Transfer Scholarships, please complete the Transfer Scholarship Application.  For more information, contact the Scholarship office at 417-625-3161.  


Can I use my regular email account?

Now that you have been accepted as a Missouri Southern student, you have been assigned a MyMail student e-mail account which is used for all school-related commu­nication. You have or will receive your e-mail address from our Information Technology Department. Once you get your email and password you can go to the email log-in page to log in.

If you have not received your e-mail account or have any questions about activating the account, contact the IT Department at 417-659-4444 or


What is LioNet?

LioNet is your online student portal with your personal and academic information provided by MSSU. MSSU uses LioNet to store and disseminate academic information to students such as transcripts, student account balances, class schedule, booklists, Financial Aid information, final grades, news and events, etc. Logging into LioNet requires last name hyphen and the first letter of your first name (such as doe-j) and Pin #.

If you have difficulty signing into your LioNet account, contact the MSSU IT office at 417-659-4444.


Can I setup a payment plan?

The Bursar’s Office will be available immediately after enrollment if you are interested in setting up a payment plan or paying for the semester. Payments via cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express will be accepted.  For more information on available payment plans, click here , or contact the Bursar’s Office at (417) 625-9381, or .