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University Scoreboard

Top-Level University Scoreboard and Unit Scoreboardslogo

MSSU's Information Technology department has created our top-level University Scoreboard and associated Unit Scoreboards (or operaating statements). These scoreboards are designed as a management/operations tool. The scoreboards are web-based and available on demand. You can view the scoreboards here; log-in credentials are your standard MSSU credentials. All employees have immediate online access to both the overall University Scoreboard and the operating statements of every unit on campus, both academic and support. Transparency is the name of the game.

We hope to improve the scoreboard over time to include "pop-up" explanations for each item on the scoreboard when you hover the mouse pointer over an item. Eventually, you will be able to click on items in this scoreboard and be shown all of the revenue or expense components that make up each line item. This scoreboard will be used by the University Council as a "living" document that is updated monthly at the University Council's central huddle. The goal is that each area on campus has clear line-of-sight from their particular Unit Scoreboard to the University Scoreboard and ultimately the Critical Number:  Operating Cash .