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MSSU Training

Where to Go

Instructions on accessing our online training materials on Blackboard (our course management software) are below. We have four training modules:

Right now, we want you go get through the Introduction module and part one of the Finance module. The instructions for completing this training are below ( NOTE : correct web address should be ). Also below is a description of our campus-wide minigame that we are running based on employees completing that introductory training. We have achieved the 50% level, so everyone has received a $5 credit on their Lion Card (employee ID). Our 80% rewards ("Get in the Game" t-shirts) remain to be awarded. In GGOE minigames, everyone wins or loses together, so if you haven’t been through introductory training yet, please do so as soon as you can. You should be given work time to complete all GGOE training.

Available training resources on Blackboard and future live training sessions will be announced to the campus. Current details are below:

 We are at 50%!