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About Minigames

Great Game Of EducationMinigames

For a brief introduction to minigames, click here for the Minigame workbook from GGOB's Get in the Game (GIG) workshop.

MSSU Minigames

For details on minigames that have already been conducted at MSSU, check out this presentation .pdf with notes. Feel free to contact those involved for more information. Many others have been conducted and soon, we will have an online database of all current and past MSSU minigames. This will allow us to easily share ideas and what we learn along the way. If you plan to conduct a minigame, please contact Landon Adams, Chair of the Minigame subcommittee, so that it can be reviewed and documented. The Minigame subcommittee of the Culture Committee has developed an appilcation process that includes the ability to apply for minigame reward funding. See the other links under Minigames for more info on these resources.

Minigame Training

Minigame training is the third training module after the Introduction and Finance training. This module will be rolled out after the campus has completed all parts of the financial training. We will also offer "live" classes for particular units on campus to come design a minigame with members of the Culture Committee's Minigame subcommittee.