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Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Department


Keith Adams, '49 (Member-at-Large) 
Keith Aubele, '86 (NW Arkansas Representative) 
Aaron Baker, '04 (NW Arkansas Representative) 
Brad Belk (Historian)
Jean Campbell, '86 
Robert Corn, '78  
Ben Crowe, '08 (Columbia Representative)  
Linda Dean, '78 
Cliff Erwin, '04
Bruce Fisher, '80 (Member-at-Large) 
Holley Goodnight, '96
Cameo Harrington, '97 
Dr. Michael Howarth (Faculty Representative)
Shally Lundien, '95, '03  (Past President)
Troy Richards, '90 (Vice President)
Will Roderique, '91 (Treasurer) 
Karen Sandridge, '79 (President) 
Lisa Sweet, '01

If you would like to be involved in the Alumni Board of Directors, please fill out the Application Form and email back to