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Student Research Grant

Student Research Grant


  • The Student Research Grant Committee (SRGC) accepts and reviews applications for funding from students for conducting independent research while enrolled at MSSU. Research has been funded in all the disciplines at MSSU including the Arts, Music, Theater, Business, Communications, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, and others. The main criterion for our funding is that the student conducts independent research and the student then presents the research in a public venue. We do not fund group activities.
  • The nature of the funding can include cost of supplies, equipment, postage, printing costs, software, and other direct costs. Any equipment, non-consumed supplies, software, etc. procured by this funding is property of MSSU and is returned to the department sponsoring the student. We do not fund salaries or wages. We also fund travel costs; however this category has strict stipulations. Travel is funded to meetings only if the student is presenting their research (oral or poster presentations allowed). Travel is funded to conduct research at sites other than Joplin. Travel costs are standardized at MSSU and students have to follow those guidelines for mileage rates, food costs, etc. Contact the Business office for those details. Students can receive 1 research grant and 1 travel grant per academic year with the maximum amount $750 per grant.
  • The application process begins with a student approaching a faculty member and discussing the project. If a grant involves human experimentation, prior approval from the Institutional Review Board, has to be obtained. This requires a submission of a different application than the application obtained below. If you are not sure, please contact a committee member first. An application is then obtained, filled out and sent electronically to the Chairman,G.T. Schlink. The application is then reviewed by all members of the SRGC. If approved, the student is notified through the office of the Assistant Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Included in the packet from their office are travel expense forms and procedures to get reimbursed for any expenditure. If an application is not approved, the applicant’s faculty advisor will be notified. Denied applicants can reapply after addressing the short comings of the application. Applications received by the 10th of each month will be reviewed by the end of that month.
  • In the application, the student follows the format for most science oriented grants. Sections include the purpose of the study, an abstract, the materials and methods to generate the data, what type of data is to be collected, an explanation of how the data will be analyzed, and an indication where the study will be publically displayed. The abstract is a paragraph that summarizes the project in 150-250 words. See the application for more details.