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Current Honors Students

Honors Students

Quotation of the week:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford

Academic Integrity Statement: Missouri Southern State University is committed to academic integrity and expects all members of the university community to accept shared responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. Students are subject to the provisions of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy, published in the Student Handbook. Penalties for academic misconduct in any course may include a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, or any other course-related sanction the instructor determines to be appropriate. Continued enrollment in a course affirms a student’s acceptance of the university policy.

In  addition, Honors students are expected to abide by the requirements and regulations of the Honors Program, and to help promote an atmosphere of honesty and responsibility in order to foster intellectual and personal growth. Any Honors student who is found responsible for violating the code of Academic Integrity by the Honors Program, or fails to uphold the behavior expected of an Honors student, will be dismissed from the program effective immediately.


Spring 2018 Honors Courses

1760 PSC 120 U.S. Government 10:00-10:50 MWF 3 Nicoletti Webster 223
1099 ART 110 Art Appreciation  9:30-10:45 TR 3 Mintert Health Science 211
2501 PSY 110 General Psychology 1:00-2:15 MW 3 Kostan Health Science 268
2320 BIO 101 Introduction to Biology 9:30-10:45 TR 4 Roettger Reynolds 225
    Lab Component 1:00-2:50 W     Reynolds 114
2008 ENG 271 British Literature I 11:00-12:15 TR 3 Toliver Kuhn Annex 118
1468 KINE 103 Lifetime Wellness 11:00-11:50 MW 2 Bruggeman Health Science 152
1625 SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 11:00-11:50 MW 3 Wells-Lewis Webster 208
1215 HNRS 495 Literary Dublin 1:00-2:15 TR 3 Howarth Taylor 217
1197 HNRS 201 Service Learning 2:30-3:20 T 2 Brown Kuhn Annex 118
1207 HNRS 201 Service Learning 1:00-1:50 M 2 Stanley Taylor 217
1213 HNRS 400 Research Seminar 2:30-4:50 T 2 Welsh Taylor 217
2416 HNRS 400 Research Seminar 1:00-3:20 M 2 Hogue Plaster 319A
1214 HNRS 490 Senior Thesis 2:30-3:20 R 1 Howarth/Stanley Taylor 217
2419 HNRS 495 Science and Society 3:30-4:45 MW 3 Roettger Taylor 217


Information on HNRS 495 Honors Seminar course:


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