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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science is granted to students who satisfactorily complete the required program of study. These requirements include the general education curriculum, required science and other supportive courses, plus 32 hours of professional course credits from an affiliated school of Medical Laboratory Science in the final year of study. The faculty advisors for the Medical Laboratory Science program are in the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, and students should be advised by these faculty to best facilitate completing the degree requirements in the minimum time. Passing a certification examination at the end of the clinical study is required.

Missouri Southern has affiliation agreements with the:

If a student wishes to attend an accredited school of medical technology with which the University has no formal agreement, the Vice President for Academic Affairs can negotiate an agreement for the individual student. Students should be aware that enrollment in professional schools is limited. Each of the professional schools has its own admission criteria and selects those students to be admitted to a class from the applicants for that class. In general, this selection is based on the academic record or demonstrated aptitude for the medical field. Students are responsible for filing their own application for admission with the professional schools. Application should be made to the professional school during the early fall of the Junior Yearor approximately 10 months prior to the expected entrance date. It is strongly suggested that the student contact the Director of the Medical Laboratory Science Program at the desired hospital early in their Sophomore Year to determine the exact application procedure.

A student may enroll in the professional courses either at the hospital-based school or through Missouri Southern, depending on the policies of the hospital-based school. Students enrolled at the hospital-based school are not considered members of the Missouri Southern student body, since the hospital-based school in such cases is considered as any other accredited institution of higher education. A student enrolling through Missouri Southern is considered a member of the University student body and is therefore eligible for benefits offered all students. The weekly time requirements for the professional medical technology courses (400 level) listed are based on the minimum requirements for a course meeting for a normal academic term for a minimum of 16 weeks. Actual scheduling of classes may vary according to custom of the individual professional school to meet these minimum total hour requirements.

Students whose career goals change or are unsuccessful in gaining admission to a professional training program are ideally suited to switch to and complete another science major (such as a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry) with virtually no loss of academic credits.