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Psychology Department

Psychology Department

About our Department

Located in the Health Sciences Building, the Psychology Department offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S) degrees in psychology. Both degrees have the same general education and psychology requirements. The B.A. includes an emphasis on modern language; whereas the B.S. includes an emphasis on math or science. Both degrees provide an excellent foundation for students who wish to earn advanced degrees in pursuit of a career in psychology. Nearly half of recent graduates have entered into master's or doctoral programs while others have begun and established careers in human and social services, research, and business.

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department provides an education in the diverse field of psychology. The core of the Psychology curriculum reflects the breadth of the field and exposes students to new developments, while allowing students to pursue individual academic interests. The department maintains a special emphasis on research and prepares students to effectively analyze, synthesize, and present information about the science of behavior and mental processes. Our mission is to help students develop the critical thinking and communication skills they can use in their careers.