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Faculty Submission of Final Grades

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Grading Overview

Student Grades
Grading System
"W" Grade Policy
Faculty Submission of Final Grades
Step-by-step Instructions to Enter Grades in LioNet (PDF) Available in the MSSU Intranet

Student Grades

Students in the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program will be governed by all rules and regulations (except as noted in the handbook) in effect for regular MSSU students, as set forth in the MSSU Catalog, Student Handbook, and other publications.  Payment for courses must be received before the student’s final grade will be posted to the transcript.

All grades earned in dual credit and dual enrollment courses will be reflected on the student's University transcript.  Grades may be viewed by the student through the LioNet Portal. If there is an outstanding balance on the student account, grades will not be viewable through LioNet until the balance is paid in full.

In order to remain eligible for continued participation in the dual credit/dual enrollment program, students must meet the established MSSU academic standards that are published in the University catalog.  Failure to maintain these standards will result in a loss of privileges to participate further in the program.

Grading System

A student’s grade is officially recorded by letter.  The following grades and their numerical equivalents are used:



Grade Points





Above Average






Minimum Passing









“W” Grade Policy –

This policy is applicable to both semester and yearlong dual credit/dual enrollment courses, unless otherwise noted below. 

a)  Course withdrawals will be permitted through the fourth week of classes (according to the MSSU academic calendar) without any grade recorded.

b) Course withdrawal during the fifth through the eleventh week of the semester will be indicated by a ‘W’ posted to the record.

c) Course withdrawals are not permitted after the eleventh week of the regular semester. For yearlong classes, withdrawals "W" are allowed until March 1st.  A student who stops attending class without officially withdrawing is in jeopardy of receiving an ‘F’ in the course.

d)  A student who completely withdraws from the university prior to the last week of classes in a semester may receive a grade of ‘W’ in all courses in which the student is enrolled (only applicable to students enrolled in more than one dual credit/dual enrollment course).

Faculty Submission of Final Grades

High School and University Faculty shall submit final grades through the LioNet Portal.  Instructions for this process may be obtained through the Office of Academic Outreach, the Registrar, or on the Dual Credit page in the MSSU Intranet.  Grades may only be submitted through the LioNet portal prior to MSSU's deadline for grade entry, regardless of when grades are due at the high school.  Contact the Office of Academic Outreach for specific deadlines each semester.