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Faculty Approvals

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Faculty Forms and Information

The completion of the Dual Credit Faculty Approval Form will ensure all parties have provided consideration to applicable MDHE policies for dual credit faculty. Upon completion, final copies of completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Academic Outreach. The MSSU Academic Department Chair shall inform the Prospective High School Faculty Member of the hiring recommendation.

Faculty for dual credit courses must have the same academic credentials and teaching qualifications that are required of MSSU faculty members.  The current MDHE Policy on Dual Credit reads as follows:

7.1 High school instructors of dual credit courses are, in effect, adjunct instructors of the college or university providing dual credit. As for any instructor of college-level courses, high school instructors of dual credit courses shall meet the requirements for faculty teaching in institutions of higher education, as stipulated for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. Dual credit instructors shall possess an academic degree relevant to what they are teaching and at least one level above the level at which they teach, 4 CBHE Dual Credit Policy 5 June 3, 2015 except in programs for terminal degrees for which they must possess the same level of degree. Instructors using credentials for qualification with a master’s level degree in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he or she is teaching must have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline in which he or she is teaching.

7.2 Institutions may, at their discretion, employ as dual credit instructors for career and technical programs an individual who has superior knowledge and tested experience in the discipline in which he or she is teaching. However, the knowledge and experience of any dual credit instructor must be measurable through means such as documented experience working in the field, industry certification and years of experience in the field, documented recognition of excellence in teaching in the discipline, expertise validated through publications or wide critical and public acclaim, or through a nationally recognized rating of proficiency.

Faculty Approval Procedure:

1.  The Prospective High School Applicant and/or MSSU Academic Department initiates the process through use of the Dual Credit Faculty Approval Form.

2.  The Prospective High School Applicant submits the required credentials to the respective MSSU Academic Department Chair.  The MSSU Academic Department Chair reviews the credentials to determine applicant eligibility to teach the desired course.

For Approvals:  If the applicant is approved, the Prospective High School Applicant and the MSSU Department Head begin working together on the Dual Credit Course Approval Form.   Signatures should be obtained and forms sent to the Provost/VPAA for final approval.  (See course approval process)

For Denials:  The Dual Credit Course Approval Form should not be completed.  The Provost/VPAA signs the Dual Credit Faculty Approval Form, and a final copy is submitted to the Office of Academic Outreach.  Formal notification of the decision is sent to the applicant and signatory parties.