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Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment
Course Offerings
and Descriptions

Student in class

Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Opportunities

A complete list of Dual Credit Courses and Descriptions is available for download.  The MSSU Schedule of Classes is designed to aid dual enrollment students, instructors, and coordinators with the course registration process.

Application & Registration Instructions for Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Courses

Application and registration information is available in detail in the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Handbook or on the MSSU Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Apply Here webpage.

Partnering High School Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual credit enables qualified high school students to take University-level courses taught by qualified high school instructors.  Students simultaneously receive academic credit for the course from both the high school and MSSU.  

Students may enroll in dual credit and dual enrollment courses during the same term.  If your high school is not listed below as a partnering institution or if your high school is listed below, but does not offer dual credit for the course you are interested in, please check out our dual enrollment opportunities. 

The Courses tab in will show you courses available for dual credit at your high school.

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Dual enrollment enables qualified high school students to take University-level courses that are taught by an MSSU Faculty member while simultaneously enrolled in the high school and MSSU.  Credit is typically  only awarded at the University level; however, students may be eligible to earn high school credit for such courses with approval from the high school district.  Dual enrollment opportunities at MSSU will likely be delivered to the student through a distance learning delivery mode (online).  Students wishing to take a dual enrollment course on the campus of Missouri Southern State University should consult the Class Schedules section of the University website, and then consult with the Office of Academic Outreach for specific class availability.

Courses listed below are:

Students should check with their high school to see if high school credit will be given for courses in this section.  

Subject & Number

Course Title

ENG 101

English Composition I

ENG 102

English Composition II

COMM 100

Oral Communication

MATH 130

College Algebra

MATH 135


KINE 103

Lifetime Wellness

HIST 110

U.S. History 1492-1877

HIST 120

U.S. History 1877-Present

PSC 120

American Government

SOC 110

Introduction to Sociology

PSY 100

General Psychology

MUS 110

Music Appreciation

TH 110

Theatre Appreciation

SPAN 101

Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 102

Beginning Spanish II

SPAN 203

Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 204

Intermediate Spanish II

Career Pathway Academies

The Career Pathway Academy Program provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit while exploring a career path.  Each academy is specifically designed to allow students to simultaneously explore an existing MSSU academic program while completing courses within the general education requirements.  Course sequences may be completed in one or two years.  Academies are available in Business, Computer Information Science, Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Industrial Engineering Technology, Pre-Engineering, Health Science, Liberal Arts, and Pre-Medicine.  Contact the Office of Academic Outreach or click on the Schedule of Classes at the top of this page for more information.

Core 44 Program

Did you know the State of Missouri established a statewide policy that ensures the portability of general education credit amongst its colleges and universities?  This means if you complete your “college core” requirements at one of the participating institutions, then your core is considered equivalent to any other participating institution’s core block – 100% transferable!  Check out Missouri Southern State University’s Core 44 Program, specifically designed for high school students.

Complete MSSU’s general education requirements online or on-campus for $50/credit hour plus the cost of textbooks; that’s 1/3 of the regular cost!   *That’s a total savings of $5500 in tuition alone!  *Based on in-state tuition rate at MSSU FY16.

Contact the Office of Academic Outreach to ask how you can get started today!